Southwick Economic Study results are in

Economic Contributions of Big Game Hunting in Wyoming

It’s finally here. The long awaited study commissioned by the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association and its partners to measure the economic impact of big game hunting in Wyoming. And the results are impressive! Big game hunters spent $224 Million in the 2015 season in Wyoming Big game hunters generated 3,100 Wyoming jobs in 2015 […]

Wyoming Elk Hunts

Last Chance to Apply for Wyoming Elk Hunts

The Wyoming elk application deadline for nonresident hunters is almost here! If you’ve been thinking about planning a 2017 hunting adventure, you can’t put it off any longer. There’s still time, but applications must be submitted before the end of January. If you plan to go on a guided hunt this year, call your outfitter […]

Year-End Update

Year-End Update from the Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund

As we approach the end of 2016, supporters of the Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund have a lot to be proud of. Over the past year, the WHDF has worked tirelessly to protect hunting opportunities in Wyoming. With so many important issues on the table, this is a critical time for hunters everywhere. With continued focus […]

On the Verge of Delisting the Grizzly Bear

As we near the end of 2016, Grizzly Bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) stand on the verge of delisting, a recovery success story that has taken more than 40 years, a great deal of sacrifice, and millions of dollars invested. From a population of 136 bears in the mid-1970s, there are now more […]