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Over the past year, Wyoming has faced an onslaught of bad legislation that would have damaged your investment in big game preference points, and seriously reduced big game hunting opportunities for all Wyoming hunters.

A recent Wyoming Senate bill [see SF0069 below] proposed to cut non-resident bighorn sheep licenses by 60% and moose, mountain goat, and buffalo licenses by 50%.  This could have rendered the preference points of many sportsmen null and void. If you hold non-resident preference points, your investment is incredibly important.

Thanks to the swift action of the Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund (WHDF), our generous donors, and the support of the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association, we were able to successfully lobby against this bill. The victory saved our non-resident sheep and moose licenses, which would have been reduced by at least half.

This historic victory was the first of its kind. There is no other known instance of a license re-allocation bill in favor of residents being defeated anywhere in the U.S. The WHDF is pioneering the fight for sportsmen to access and secure their hunting opportunities.

This won’t be the last bill that attempts to reduce non-resident license allocations. In fact, similar bills have surfaced that would impact all big game species, including elk and deer. Our ability to lobby against these measures will be critical. We must also work to educate Wyoming residents and business owners of the importance of hunting tourism. Non-resident license sales represent most of our wildlife funding and hundreds of millions of dollars each year in tourism revenue.

If a bill like this succeeds, the damage would reach far beyond a reduction in the number of non-resident hunting licenses. It would put a severe hole in our wildlife funding and begin to dry up the hunting opportunities that we all enjoy, residents and non-residents alike.

We would like to ask for your support in this fight to protect non-resident hunting opportunities. Please consider becoming a member of the Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund, and joining us in this important effort.

2015 Hunt Extravaganza Winners:

Robert Grace
St. Francis, KS 67756
Moose Hunt with Terry Pollard, Bald Mountain Outfitters

Fredrick Pick
Bemidji, MN
Bull Elk Hunt with Taylor Engum, East Fork Outfitters

Nicholas Renemans
Pierre, SD
Antelope Hunt Sy Gilliland, SNS Outfitter & Guides

Robert Kovel
Everett, PA
Whitetail Deer Hunt with Jim Schell, Rough Country Outfitters

Joseph Benson, III
Lexington, KY
Mountain Lion hunt with Tyler Sims, Tyler Sims Outfitting

Ulf Lindqwister
Peoria, IL
Summer Pack Trip with Lee Livingston, Livingston Outfitting

Robert Intoschi
Sacramento, CA
Black Bear Hunt with Carlton Loewer, Camp Creek Outfitters

Stephen Brocchini
Ripon, CA
Mule Deer Hunt with Bruce Lindsey, BNL Outfitters

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Thank you in advance for your support!
Lee Livingston, Chairman

SF0069: Non-Resident Allocation of Game Licenses

The WHDF committee was able to lobby during the 2015 Wyoming General Legislative session against SF0069 and the WHDF was victorious! If you are not familiar with SF0069, please visit this link to review the bill.

To summarize this bill:

  • Direct impact to the Wyoming Game & Fish budget in a loss of $169,000 in license fee revenue.
  • Cut non-resident sheep license by 60% and moose, goat and buffalo by 50% as proposed by SF0069.
  • Wyoming’s preference point system for sheep & moose reserves 25% of non-resident licenses to a random draw. Those non-residents holding less points than needed to draw a license have a chance to draw one of these coveted tags. Currently a hunt unit with 16 or more sheep licenses would issue 4 non-resident tags with one going in the random draw. If SF0069 would have passed it would require a sheep area to have 40 licenses for one tag to be sold as a random license.
  • This concept of reducing non-resident licenses could very easily spread to how the state issues elk, deer and antelope licenses. Wyoming’s tourism industry and the Wyoming Game & Fish budget would suffer a heavy blow. Currently the Wyoming Game & Fish budget receives 62% of all of its license fee income from non-resident hunters.

The Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund (WHDF) will fight to maintain the ability of the non-resident sportsmen to access hunting opportunities in Wyoming.